Yagibaze Exclusive Interview With Upcoming Artist, Golden Ola


Yagibaze Exclusive Interview With Upcoming Artist, Golden Ola Interviews

Yagibaze:- Hello

Golden Ola:- Hi Sir

Yagibaze:- Can You Introduce Your self?

Golden Ola:- I am Oyinloye Olayinka known as Golden Ola An upcoming Afro pop artiste

Yagibaze:- Please can You tell us why you choosed Music?

Golden Ola:- Hmmmmmmm, I believe we all have one or two things we like to change in our social environment, and music speaks faster than other means so I think my music is for passing messages.

Yagibaze:- Okay That Cool, You Said Your Stage Name Is “Golden Ola” Can You Tell Us How You Got The Name?

Golden Ola:- It a funny question tho But am gonna give a funny answer too trust me, After a call from Femzy asking for a feature due to church performances he realised my potentials, so invited me over to Dandex the producer (IL City best producer 2016/2017) Then we did a track and after that I needed to fix a stage name so I looked around and saw a golden morn pack on the table and took the golden and added Ola to it Golden Ola!

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Yagibaze:- Funny Tho, Your State Of Origin Pls?

Golden Ola:- Am from Kwara State, Iludun Oro precisely

Yagibaze:- Ok, Have You In Any Way Performed On Stage?

Golden Ola:- Oh yes I get to do that most times

Yagibaze:- We are all Humans and we make mistake, How do You handle mistake while performing?

Golden Ola:- I really don’t have much experience on stage mistakes But I guess if I did, it would be fun and added to my experiences.

Yagibaze:- Who Were Your Mentor While Growing Up??

Golden Ola:- The number one Starboy Wizkid off course

Yagibaze:- What has been Your Greatest Joy since you Started Till Date?

Golden Ola:- When I got to feature in a track along Slimwin Omo Aje and other upcoming artiste in a not yet dropped track, slimwin is the best in Ilorin for now and it everyone’s joy to be identified with the best.

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Yagibaze:- Am Happy For your Progress Bro, Do you Have an Album or Albums?

Golden Ola:- Oh not yet but am arriving there real soon

Yagibaze:- I Pray So, Can you tell us a bit about your Record Label

Golden Ola:- Hmmmmm, I own Golden Records after the contract with RMT Records ended a few months ago

Yagibaze:- ok, Lovely. How Can an Interested Entertainer Join Your record Label?

Golden Ola:- Hmmmm, it easy at least we are Yet to Blow, they can chat me up! Better still send some timeline posts then we’ll discuss from there

Yagibaze:- Okay. How do you feel when being criticized?

Golden Ola:- Ha, It a lot fun oo Sometimes being the talk of the town or a place helps a lot in getting you fame

Yagibaze:- It was wonderful Having You Been Interviewed, if you were asked which of your Track to be featured On Yagibaze.com, which would it be?

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Golden Ola:- Actually the relationship between yagibaze and Golden Records has just begin I’ll get all of my already made tracks and yet to me
made tracks on Yagibaze.

Yagibaze:- Smile, Where do you see yourself in 3yrs?

Golden Ola:- I see myself as a popstar ,a relevant artiste in Africa

Yagibaze:- Great.. So Mr Golden Ola, what do you have to say to all Artists and Your Fans out there?, Make a Quick Shout Out

Golden Ola:- Wow!!
Really I feel honored when I get love from people
, friends and fans, I love everyone, wish you
what you wish me, My Shout out goes to Slimwin, Bhodo, Opa, Femzy, DaemthaBoss, Dandex
the producer all love!


Golden Ola:- Am humbled YagiBaze thanks for having me.


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