Online Psychology Degree Programs in Texas: Here’s What You Need to Know

Top Online Psychology Degree Programs in Texas

There are several top-rated online psychology degree programs in Texas that offer an affordable education.


Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology that provides a broad overview of the field. The 120-credit program covers areas like developmental, social, and cognitive psychology. As an added bonus, over 90% of recent graduates were employed within six months.

The University of Texas

The University of Texas at Tyler also offers an online psychology degree. Their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides flexibility with 8-week online courses. The program has optional concentrations in addictions, forensics, and human resources. Additionally, UTT students have the opportunity to participate in research and internships.


Texas A&M International University

Lastly, Texas A&M International University provides an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The program focuses on research, ethics, and cultural diversity. Students can choose from concentrations in general psychology, forensic psychology, and organizational psychology. The curriculum includes courses in statistics, experimental methods, social psychology, and theories of learning.

In summary, Texas offers high-quality online psychology degrees with flexible learning options. The programs provide a strong academic foundation in psychological principles and concepts. Students have opportunities for hands-on experience through internships, research, and concentrations in specialized areas. An online psychology degree in Texas can open up many career opportunities with high growth potential.

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Choosing the Right Online Psychology Program in Texas

Texas offers many options for earning your psychology degree online. With so many choices, finding the right program for you can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options.

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1. Consider your career goals

Do you want to become a licensed psychologist, social worker, or counselor? Or are you interested in fields like human resources, marketing, or education? Different online psychology programs in Texas cater to different careers. Make sure the program you choose will properly prepare you for your desired career path.

2. Check program accreditation

Only consider programs accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Accredited programs meet high standards of quality and their credits are more widely accepted. Graduating from an accredited program is also usually required to become licensed in Texas.

3. Compare program requirements

While most online psychology bachelor’s degrees require around 120 credits, program requirements can vary. Some may require more psychology or general education credits. Compare things like the number of credits required, courses offered, internship or research opportunities, and cost to find a program that fits your needs.

4. Explore your financial aid options

Don’t assume you can’t afford an online degree. Many Texas schools offer scholarships, grants, and student aid for online learners. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form to determine your eligibility for need-based aid, student loans, and work-study programs. Some schools also offer tuition discounts for Texas residents.

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Finding the right online psychology program in Texas takes time and research. But by considering your goals, checking accreditation, comparing program details, and exploring financial aid, you can find an affordable program tailored to your needs. With some work, you’ll be on your way to earning your psychology degree and achieving your career dreams.

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Earning Your Psychology Degree Online in Texas: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do online programs offer the same quality of education?

Absolutely. Many reputable schools now offer online psychology degrees with the same curriculum and faculty as their on-campus programs. The coursework is delivered through an online learning management system, allowing you to complete assignments and interact with professors and classmates remotely. As long as the program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA), you can expect a high-quality education.

2. What are the admission requirements?

Admission requirements for online psychology programs are similar to on-campus programs. You’ll need a high school diploma or GED, a minimum GPA (often 2.5-3.0), and possibly GRE scores. Some schools may require prerequisite courses in areas like statistics, biology, and psychology. However, you may be able to take those during your first year if you were not a psychology major in your undergrad.

3. How long does it take to complete an online psychology degree?

The time it takes to earn your online psychology degree depends on several factors, including:

  • Your enrollment status (full-time vs. part-time)
  • The specific degree you’re pursuing (master’s, doctorate, etc.)
  • Additional requirements like an internship or dissertation

In general, you can expect the following timeframes:

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology: 2-3 years
  • Master of Science (MS) in Psychology: 2-3 years
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology: 4-6 years
  • Doctor of Psychology (PsyD): 3-5 years

These timeframes can vary for each program and student. Many schools offer both full-time and part-time options to accommodate your needs. The key is to find a program that fits your schedule so you can balance work, family, and your education.

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4. What careers can I pursue with an online psychology degree?

An online psychology degree can prepare you for various rewarding careers, including:

  • School psychologist
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Social worker
  • Professor of psychology

The specific career options depend on your degree level and area of specialization. A master’s or doctorate in psychology is typically required for licensure as a practicing psychologist. With an online degree from an accredited program, you’ll have the flexibility to pursue opportunities across Texas and beyond.

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