Miya Khaliq Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband, Religion, Career, Wikipedia

Miya Khaliq Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband, Religion, Career, Wikipedia

Miya Khaliq Biography

Miya Khaliq, born as Amina Khaliq, is a prominent figure in the world of entertainment. She is an actress, model, and social media influencer, known for her captivating performances and stunning beauty. In this article, we will delve into Miya Khaliq’s biography, her net worth, age, husband, religion, and career, providing you with a comprehensive overview of her life and accomplishments.


Early Life and Background

Miya Khaliq was born on May 1, 1990, in Lahore, Pakistan. She grew up in a middle-class family and had a keen interest in acting and modeling from a young age. Miya completed her education in Lahore, where she attended local schools and later pursued higher studies in the field of arts.

Miya Khaliq Age

Miya Khaliq is 33 years old, she was born on May 1, 1990, in Lahore, Pakistan.


Career Beginnings

Miya Khaliq started her career in the entertainment industry as a model. Her striking looks and charismatic personality quickly caught the attention of photographers and fashion designers. She appeared in numerous fashion shows, commercials, and print campaigns, establishing herself as a sought-after face in the Pakistani fashion scene.

Acting Career

Miya Khaliq made her acting debut in the Pakistani drama industry. Her breakthrough came with the drama series “Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi,” where she portrayed a complex character that showcased her acting prowess. The audience and critics praised her natural talent, and she soon became a household name.

Since then, Miya has appeared in several successful TV dramas, including “Dil Ishq,” “Chahat,” and “Tere Bina.” Her ability to portray diverse roles and bring depth to her characters has garnered her a significant fan following. Miya Khaliq’s performances have been appreciated for their emotional depth, and she has received several awards and nominations for her work in the industry.

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Film Career

In addition to her television work, Miya Khaliq has also ventured into the world of cinema. She made her film debut with the Pakistani movie “Ishq Positive,” directed by Noor Bukhari. The film received positive reviews, and Miya’s performance was widely applauded by the audience. She went on to appear in other films, including “Zameen,” “Laal Ishq,” and “Pari.”


Social Media Influence

Miya Khaliq has a significant presence on social media platforms, where she connects with her fans and shares glimpses of her personal and professional life. Her Instagram account boasts a substantial following, and her posts often receive thousands of likes and comments. Through her social media presence, Miya has become an influencer, collaborating with various brands and endorsing products.

Personal Life

Miya Khaliq is known to keep her personal life private. She has not publicly disclosed details about her family or relationships. However, her fans and followers continue to support her, focusing primarily on her professional achievements and talent.

Miya Khaliq Net Worth

Miya Khaliq has an estimated net worth of about $1 million as of when this article was published in 2023.

Miya Khaliq has achieved substantial success in her career, and her endeavors in acting, modeling, and brand endorsements have contributed to her net worth.


Miya Khaliq is a Muslim by faith. Like many other celebrities, she has maintained a balance between her professional life and her religious beliefs, respecting the cultural and religious norms of her community.


Miya Khaliq has undoubtedly made a mark in the entertainment industry with her exceptional talent and beauty. From her early days as a model to her successful career in acting and her influence on social media, she has become a prominent figure in Pakistani showbiz. With her dedication, versatility, and growing fan base, Miya Khaliq continues to be an inspiration for aspiring actors and models, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

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