Raymond Dokpesi Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Death, Wikipedia

Raymond Dokpesi Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Death, Wikipedia

Raymond Dokpesi Biography

Raymond Dokpesi is a prominent Nigerian entrepreneur, media mogul, and founder of Daar Communications PLC. He is widely recognized as a key player in the Nigerian media industry and has made significant contributions to the growth and development of broadcast journalism in the country. With a diverse and successful career spanning several decades, Dokpesi has become a household name in Nigeria.


Early Life and Education

Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi was born on October 25, 1951, in Ibadan, Nigeria. He hails from Agenebode in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State. Dokpesi’s parents, Agnes and Joseph Dokpesi, were both educators. His father was a principal, while his mother was a teacher. Growing up in a household that emphasized education, Dokpesi developed a passion for learning from a young age.

He completed his primary and secondary education in Edo State before proceeding to the University of Benin, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering. Despite his academic background, Dokpesi’s career path veered towards the media industry, where he would eventually make his mark.


Raymond Dokpesi Age

As of 2023 Raymond Dokpesi is 71 years old, he was born on October 25, 1951, in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Raymond Dokpesi Career and Entrepreneurship

Raymond Dokpesi’s journey in the media industry began in the late 1970s when he worked as a journalist for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). His experience and expertise in journalism led him to establish his own media company, Daar Communications PLC, in 1988. Daar Communications PLC quickly grew to become one of Nigeria’s leading media organizations.

Under Dokpesi’s leadership, Daar Communications PLC launched Africa Independent Television (AIT), a pan-African news and entertainment television network. AIT gained popularity for its diverse programming, which included news, current affairs, sports, entertainment, and cultural content. The network played a pivotal role in shaping public opinion and providing a platform for free expression.

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Apart from AIT, Dokpesi also established RayPower FM, a prominent radio station in Nigeria. RayPower FM gained a loyal listenership and became known for its engaging programming and objective news coverage. Through his media ventures, Dokpesi aimed to promote democratic ideals, social justice, and economic empowerment in Nigeria.


Despite facing several challenges, including legal battles and regulatory issues, Dokpesi’s entrepreneurial spirit and resilience enabled him to overcome obstacles and maintain his influence in the media industry. He expanded his media empire to include other subsidiaries and initiatives that contributed to the growth of the Nigerian media landscape.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Raymond Dokpesi is married to Angela Akanbi-Dokpesi, and together they have several children. His wife, Angela, has played a supportive role in his career and has been actively involved in the activities of Daar Communications PLC. The couple has been recognized for their philanthropic efforts, particularly in the areas of education and healthcare.

Dokpesi established the Raymond Dokpesi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational scholarships and healthcare support to disadvantaged individuals and communities in Nigeria. Through the foundation, he has funded the education of numerous students and has contributed to the improvement of healthcare facilities in various regions of the country.

Raymond Dokpesi Net Worth

As of 2023 Raymond Dokpesi has an estimated net worth of about $50 million as of the time this article was published.

Raymond Dokpesi’s entrepreneurial ventures have contributed significantly to his wealth, he is considered one of the wealthiest individuals in Nigeria. His media empire, Daar Communications PLC, and its subsidiaries have been successful in generating revenue and maintaining a strong presence in the Nigerian media landscape.

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Dokpesi’s contributions to the media industry and his philanthropic endeavors have been widely recognized. He has received numerous awards and honors for his role in promoting

press freedom, media development, and his philanthropic contributions. His dedication to quality journalism and his commitment to empowering marginalized communities have earned him respect and admiration both within Nigeria and internationally.

Raymond Dokpesi Death

Raymond Dokpesi dead on Monday May 29, 2023 as the inauguration is going on, he is the owner of the AIT National TV.


Raymond Dokpesi’s biography is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and resilience. From his humble beginnings to becoming a media mogul, Dokpesi has demonstrated the impact one individual can have in shaping an industry. Through his media ventures and philanthropic efforts, he has made significant contributions to Nigeria’s media landscape and the betterment of society. As an iconic figure in the Nigerian media industry, Dokpesi’s influence continues to be felt, inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs and journalists.

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