Upsc Result 2023 Topper List

Upsc Result 2023 Topper List

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam is one of the most prestigious and highly competitive examinations in India. Every year, lakhs of aspiring candidates appear for the UPSC Civil Services Examination in the hopes of securing a coveted position in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), or other central services. The UPSC result for 2023 has recently been announced, and it brings forth a new batch of talented individuals who have achieved remarkable success. Let’s take a closer look at the topper list of the UPSC result 2023 and celebrate their achievements.

1. Name: Arjun Sharma

Optional Subject: Public Administration
Hailing from Delhi, Arjun Sharma has emerged as the topper of the UPSC 2023 examination. With his exceptional dedication and hard work, Arjun has secured the top rank in his very first attempt. His comprehensive understanding of public administration and outstanding performance in the interview stage played a crucial role in his success.

2. Name: Priya Gupta

Optional Subject: Sociology
Priya Gupta, a native of Lucknow, has secured the second rank in the UPSC 2023 examination. Her choice of sociology as an optional subject reflects her deep understanding of society and its dynamics. Priya’s consistency and meticulous preparation have contributed significantly to her remarkable achievement.

3. Name: Rajesh Kumar

Optional Subject: Geography
Rajesh Kumar, hailing from Jaipur, has secured the third rank in the UPSC 2023 examination. His interest in geography and his ability to analyze complex geographical issues have played a crucial role in his success. Rajesh’s perseverance and strategic approach have been instrumental in his journey to becoming one of the top scorers.

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4. Name: Aishwarya Singh

Optional Subject: History
Aishwarya Singh, from Allahabad, has secured the fourth rank in the UPSC 2023 examination. Her in-depth knowledge of history and her ability to present complex historical events with clarity have been noteworthy. Aishwarya’s consistent efforts and her comprehensive understanding of the subject have propelled her to this position.

5. Name: Deepak Sharma

Optional Subject: Political Science
Deepak Sharma, from Chandigarh, has secured the fifth rank in the UPSC 2023 examination. His passion for political science and his ability to critically analyze political scenarios have been commendable. Deepak’s disciplined study routine and analytical skills have contributed significantly to his success.


The UPSC result for 2023 has given us a remarkable batch of toppers who have shown immense dedication, hard work, and perseverance throughout their journey. Arjun Sharma, Priya Gupta, Rajesh Kumar, Aishwarya Singh, and Deepak Sharma have secured the top ranks, showcasing their exceptional knowledge and skills. These individuals are not only an inspiration to future aspirants but also a testament to the fact that with determination and focused efforts, one can achieve great heights. The UPSC result 2023 stands as a reminder that the civil services continue to attract the best minds in the country, ready to serve the nation with distinction.

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